Breaking News — IMB trustees elect marketplace endeavor VP

NASHVILLE (BP) — Scott Holste has been elected as vice president for global strategic mobilization for the International Mission Board (IMB).

Holste, who was elected during the May 22–23 meeting of IMB trustees in Nashville, Tenn., will direct a new initiative with Christian leaders in business and marketplace professions across the world.

Holste’s goal will be to mobilize business leaders and marketplace professionals whose global experience and connections place them in a position of access to difficult-to-reach people groups across the globe.

Marketplace professionals include Christians living or traveling overseas, as well as students preparing for careers such as international business, medicine and law. They are in natural positions for global missions involvement, Holste said.

More than two-thirds of Baptist missionaries serving overseas encounter some geopolitical-access restrictions, he said.

“A solution to these significant, growing challenges fills our pews,” he said. Marketplace professionals “intersect with other professionals in the workplace, where they naturally form relationships.”

Holste begins serving in his new role May 26. Since 2009, the Florida native has been IMB’s associate vice president for global strategy.

Southern Baptist business leaders from across the United States will participate in a “think tank” with IMB leaders May 31 in Dallas to further develop the initiative which is based on the first-century model of church planting when the gospel spread along Roman roads of commerce.

“There are business leaders who have expressed eagerness to move out of the pew and step up to the challenge,” IMB President Tom Elliff said. “Many have asked to join us in carrying the Gospel to every language, people, tribe and nation. In some instances, they are already in areas we have yet to reach.

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