Midland City hostage standoff ends, boy freed and safe

News reports say that after days spent as a hostage, the 5-year-old being held in an underground bunker was freed and is safe. According to news reports, law enforcement officials have confirmed the abductor is dead. To read more on the developments, visit al.com.


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1 Response to Midland City hostage standoff ends, boy freed and safe

  1. Susan Hill says:

    Praise God for his deliverance of Ethan. Like many other Christians across the country I have been praying for Ethan. I prayed for him each day since he was abducted. But on Saturday night during the late night hours I was awakened 4 or 5 times with the overwhelming desire to pray for the situation in Alabama. I then prayed again on Sunday. On Monday around 2:00 central time (3:00 eastern time) I felt very strongly I needed to pray, so my husband and I joined hands and cried out to God on Ethan’s behalf. Before I had prayed that God would send his angel to sit along side Ethan to comfort and protect him. But this was different, I also prayed that Ethan would be released that day. Then around 4:00 central time, the news announced that he had been released. I couldn’t believe my ears. Once again God has heard my prayers and I’m sure the answer of many others like me. I just had to let someone know that He is true to His word. It is still a mystery that God puts things in our hearts that He wants us to pray for. Things He has thought of – not me. I am just to be used as His instrument. I would love to hear from others who prayed for Ethan also. Answered prayer strengthens the faith of all. Please share this with Ethan’s family, the members of Midland City Baptist church and anyone who would benefit from this experience.
    Susan Hill, a sister in Christ
    League City, TX

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