Southern Baptist group files lawsuit against Obamacare abortion mandate

DALLAS (BP) — The Southern Baptist Convention’s health and financial benefits entity has filed its first-ever lawsuit against the federal government in a legal challenge to the Obama administration’s abortion/contraception mandate. GuideStone Financial Resources and two of the organizations that take part in the entity’s health plans filed the federal suit Oct. 11 in Oklahoma City. Joining GuideStone in the suit were Oklahoma City-based Reaching Souls International and Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Ga.

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4 Responses to Southern Baptist group files lawsuit against Obamacare abortion mandate

  1. Thank you Guidestone for taking a stand!

  2. G.L. Johnson says:

    I hate they’re getting into the legal muck and hope “the Convention” doesn’t get mired with extraordinary lawyer and court fees. Couldn’t all of the time and money be better spent helping 400 million children (living, breathing humans) who are starving to death? There is urgent need. We’re not talking about nubs of life before the first trimester. Women are choosing what is good for themselves and their families? So these groups are bringing suit against a law asking employers to provide employee health care? Hmmm…. One anecdote: In 1977 I saw a screaming bloody woman wheeled into an operating room in Nyeri, Kenya because her sister-in law had tried to terminate her pregnancy. The result was a ruptured uterus. Do you know how desperate people are who find themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy? Do you know how short changed children are when they can not be cared for adequately and are not wanted? I am all for legal healthcare.

  3. Jerry says:

    It is about time that SBC groups stepped up to the line in a dramatic and public way.

  4. Billie Crick says:

    I thank God for you and your position on abortion. I pray that enough people will join you on this.
    Billie Crick

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