Alabama’s gay ‘marriage’ ban under attack

BIRMINGHAM (Laura Wilson, TAB) — Alabama has become the next state caught in the gay “marriage” debate as a lawsuit will force the judicial system to consider overturning the state’s current ban on same-sex “marriage.” Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a nonprofit organization located in Montgomery, sued the state Feb. 13 on behalf of Paul Hard, a Montgomery resident and reportedly former Baptist preacher. The suit is in response to the way Hard was treated following the death of his “husband,” David Fancher, who died following a car accident in 2011. Hard wants to claim the estate of Fancher and seek the proceeds in a wrongful death case as well as have “married” listed on Fancher’s death certificate, according to media reports.

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1 Response to Alabama’s gay ‘marriage’ ban under attack

  1. Timothy Brown says:

    Would you consider the fact that this man was actually ‘under attack’ when he was refused admittance to see someone he loved dearly, perhaps in their final seconds. And now, this same man is ‘under attack’ as he struggles to secure the financial estate he himself helped to build.

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