Afternoon session comes to a close at State Evangelism Conference

MONTGOMERY (TAB) — Eastmont Baptist Church, Montgomery, hosted the second and final day of the 2014 State Evangelism Conference on Feb. 25. The morning session featured music by Voices of Mobile and in the afternoon the conference featured music by Bob Smith, Frank Jones and Kenneth McWilliams. Brothers/pastors Brett Pitman and Vance Pitman shared in the morning before their evangelist father, Bob Pitman, shared a message. Brett Pitman, pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church, Muscle Shoals, spoke from Job 1 and about the three truths he has learned about suffering: you can do everything right and still suffer difficulty; in the midst of suffering, remember that God has not forsaken you; and all suffering provides an opportunity for God to be glorified. Vance Pitman, pastor of Hope Church, Las Vegas, Nev., spoke from John 14–15 and shared the four clues that Jesus gives as the definition of “fruit in the life of the believer.” 1) Fruit is the defining mark of a believer. 2) Fruit is a lifestyle characteristic. 3) Fruit comes in varying degrees. 4) Fruit is the thing in the believer that glorifies the Father. Bob Pitman shared from 1 Cor. 15:50 and said, “When God changes you, He changes you for the better,” and encouraged pastors to “be settled not only in what you believe but be settled in what you do. Keep on keeping on and keeping on in your labor. It is not in vain in the Lord.”

Frank Cox, pastor of North Metro First Baptist Church, Lawrenceville, Ga., shared in the afternoon from 2 Samuel 9 and emphasized the grace of God to sinners. He said, “grace gives us a future. Grace gives us a family. Grace gives us fulfillment.” Jim Futral, executive director-treasurer for the Mississippi Baptist Convention, shared from John 6. Futral encouraged participants to remember “stickability” — staying with the task and being what God has called you to be. He said to check your credentials, cling to the essentials and celebrate the potential while in ministry.

The evening session will begin at 6:30 p.m. featuring Guy Penrod, former Gaither member, and Jim Cymbala, pastor of The Brooklyn Tabernacle.

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