IMB President Tom Elliff asks board to begin search for next president

Tom ElliffBIRMINGHAM (TAB) — International Mission Board (IMB) President Tom Elliff announced Feb. 26 that he will step down from his position after the newly-appointed search committee finds the next president. Trustees spent time in prayer for Elliff and his wife, Jeannie, after the announcement. The Elliff’s previously served with the IMB as missionaries to Zimbabwe. Tom Elliff was elected as IMB president in 2011. He distributed an open letter that attributed his decision to leave his position as the “Lord’s clear leading.” The search committee was to meet this afternoon. Tom Elliff previously served as the president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 1996-1997 and as pastor of First Baptist Church, Del City, Okla., 1985 to 2005.


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1 Response to IMB President Tom Elliff asks board to begin search for next president

  1. Crazy Biblicist says:

    I have heard several names mentioned as possible successors to Elliff: Fred Luter, Paul Chitwood, David Platt, John Floyd, David Rogers (Adrian’s son), and Johnny Hunt.

    1. Maybe Platt can be radical in an attempt to rescue international missions from the American dream.

    2. David Rogers doesn’t even want to be considered, and that’s probably wise. He admittedly has the right DNA – Do Not Apply.

    3. Luter should change his first name to Martin and nail his application to the front door of IMB’s Richmond headquarters. Then he could try to reform the Baptist Identity movement among the trustees.

    4. Chitwood was Chairman of the Board when Rankin retired and appointed the search committee that eventually found Elliff. Being from Tennessee, maybe he could Volunteer for the job in light of impending budgetary troubles.

    5. My personal endorsement for IMB Prez: Wiley Drake.

    6. If you think Chitwood won’t become prez, don’t forget that he sat on the search committee for the KBC Executive Director spot before actually taking that position. He knows how to get good positions and is politically clever….plus, his buddy Hershael York is a trustee and a Landmark, Baptist Identify guy.

    7. If Chitwood becomes prez, I’ll make a motion from the convention floor in 2014 and speak in tongues over the microphone….just to show my support for his Baptist Identity crusade.

    8. If John Floyd is chosen as IMB prez, and Ronnie Floyd becomes SBC prez, they should blare Pink Floyd over the sound system at the SBC. After all, when it comes to fundamentalists, “we don’t need no education.”

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