ACLU defends student’s right to read Bible in after-school program

BIRMINGHAM (TAB) — In what some may call a departure from the norm, ACLU (the American Civil Liberties Union) is speaking up for a public school student who was told he could not read his Bible during an after-school program. ACLU-Tennessee recently sent a letter to Tennessee’s Cannon County REACH after-school program defending students’ right to read religious texts during free-reading periods. The letter was sent on behalf of an elementary boy who was reportedly told by REACH staff that he could read any book but the Bible and would have to put the Bible away. When he refused, staff reportedly tried to take his Bible from him. Citing the First Amendment, ACLU-Tennessee legal director Thomas Castelli said in a press release that although schools cannot impose or promote religion, students are allowed to participate in self-initiated religious activities.

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