Alabama Baptist pastor, others help kick off Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference 2014

BALTIMORE, Md. (TAB) — Hundreds of pastors, pastors’ wives and ministry leaders gathered at the Baltimore Convention Center on June 8 for the kick-off of the Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference 2014 to hear from three speakers (David Platt, Ronnie Floyd and H.B. Charles) on the theme “Show Us Your Glory.” Floyd, pastor of Cross Church, Northwest, Ark., opened the evening’s event and shared from Ex. 33:12–18. Referring to the late Amy Carmichael, missionary to India, Floyd said she was known to have a “single eye” for the glory of God. “Does our SBC not need to experience a ‘single eye’ for the glory of God? Do we not have a great need for the glory of God to come upon us in a fresh way? We know that a year ago we experienced as a convention the worst drop in baptisms in 62 years. … With deep humility we cannot deny where we are.” Floyd said Moses wanted to see the glory of God in Exodus. “Do we?” he asked. Floyd then explained three things that Moses did in order to seek God: practiced going up to meet with God, came back down to the people and lead the people forward in what God commanded. Moses was distinguished by the presence of God, Floyd said, and he encouraged participants to look at where their focus is and reminded them to have a “single eye” for God. Charles, pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Fla., shared from Philippians 1:3-8. “How desperately we need to get back to the basics. What is the Church? It is not just a collection of individuals.” Paul’s church was not perfect, Charles said, but he praised God for it. Paul defined his church as partners in the gospel. “They were bound together by Christian fellowship and partnership, not by pastoral vision, church, culture, worship styles or philosophy, geographical location or physical structure. … It is greater and stronger than that. They were bound together by the gospel.” Paul also affirmed the partnership, was assured by the partnership and had affection for the partnership of the church. “There is no place for cliques, partisanship, rules and an ‘us vs. them’ mentality,” Charles said. Platt, pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, closed out the evening session sharing from Psalm 68. Moses was the man, if anyone was, who had seen God’s glory (burning bush, rock struck to produce water, bread fall from heaven, the splitting of the sea) and yet he still wanted to see more of God’s glory, Platt said. “Here’s why I think (Moses) prayed (to see God’s glory) — once you get a taste of the glory of God, you find yourself possessed with an insatiable passion for more and more and more.” Platt then listed 25 attributes of God found throughout the psalm: God is awesome, active, subdues all who rebel against Him, satisfies all who trust in Him, is the one true God, is the covenant keeping Lord, Father of the fatherless, Protector of the widow, He loves the lonely, rescues the captive, provides for the needy, is sovereign over nature, over nations, powerful above us, present with us, commands a heavenly army, conquers an earthly victory, daily bears our burdens, ultimately saves our souls, is my God and King, is our God and King, draws people to Himself, deserves praise throughout the earth, is divine warrior and speaks a dependable word. These attributes lead to two “mammoth implications” in the Christian life, Platt said. 1) “Give glory to this God. Do not be casual with this God. Do not be complacent with this God. Sing praise to this God.” 2) “Give your life to HIs mission. This God is still on the move. He has charged us to go and make disciples to the nations.”

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