Passenger on Birmingham plane exhibits ‘symptoms of Ebola’

BIRMINGHAM (TAB, — Something Birmingham residents don’t want to see is a hazmat crew command post at the Shuttlesworth-International Airport, but that’s exactly what was set up Oct. 9 after a passenger on-board a flight exhibited “signs of symptoms of Ebola,” according to Birmingham Fire and Rescue assistant chief Tim Love said they have no indication the passenger has the disease but after Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola and died Oct. 8 in Dallas the department does not want to take any chances. “We want to get ahead of this after what happened in Texas so we can do everything we can to protect people,” Love said. All passengers and crew have been told to remain on the plane. At press time, it was unclear where the flight originated from but according to public safety radio it was said to be from Istanbul, Turkey, reported.

The Alabama Baptist will continue to follow this story.

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