Ala. minister backs gay marriage ‘enthusiastically’

ellin_vowsHUNTSVILLE, Ala. (BP, TAB) — Following a federal court’s legalization of same-sex “marriage” in Alabama, a volunteer minister at a Southern Baptist church has begun performing gay weddings. Ellin Jimmerson, minister to the community at Weatherly Heights Baptist Church in Huntsville, has performed at least one same-sex wedding ceremony since gay “marriage” became legal. A receptionist at the church saidthat Weatherly Heights ordained Jimmerson and that she is a church member, but is not on the staff. David Freeman, pastor of Weatherly Heights, preached a sermon Sept. 29, 2013, in which he argued that “adult, loving, monogamous, same-sex relationships are not condemned in the Bible,” according to a printed version of the sermon on the church’s website. Weatherly Heights is a cooperating church with the Alabama Baptist Convention and the Madison Baptist Association.

Meanwhile the state judges responsible for issuing marriage licenses have denied them to gay couples in 12 counties and in 40 additional counties probate judges stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether Feb. 9 when the federal court’s ruling took effect.

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2 Responses to Ala. minister backs gay marriage ‘enthusiastically’

  1. Tracy Goodwin says:

    Their church website does not identify as Southern Baptist, where did you get that information?

    • Hi Tracy, That information was cited in the original Baptist Press story. In the story, it says, “Weatherly Heights is a cooperating church with the Alabama Baptist Convention and the Madison Baptist Association, both groups confirmed to BP. Though denominational records indicate that the church cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention, those same records reflect that the church’s participation in recent years has been marginal.” Baptist Press is the news source of the Southern Baptist Convention. The story is the same one that is linked on our website, or you can view the original at Thanks!

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