Breaking news — Same-sex ‘marriage’ licenses violate state constitution, Alabama Supreme Court says  

BIRMINGHAM — Less than one month after same-sex “marriage” was deemed legal in Alabama by a federal judge, the state Supreme Court has ordered probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The Court — petitioned by Alabama Policy Institute (API), Alabama Citizens Action Program (ALCAP) and Elmore County Probate Judge John E. Enslen — released its ruling earlier today (March 3), saying state law defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

“Today, the Alabama Supreme Court granted our request for a writ of mandamus directing Alabama’s probate judges not to issue same-sex marriage licenses in violation of Alabama’s Constitution,” API officials said in an email news release. “The ongoing confusion caused by the federal court’s action in January needed to be clarified in a formal opinion by the State’s highest court. … This decision … gives the people of Alabama the respect that they deserve by preserving our law until the U.S. Supreme Court resolves the issue. The sanctity of marriage — an institute that has always been reserved for the states — is a cause worth fighting for, for as long as the States still have their rightful say in the matter.”

Rick Lance, executive director of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions, and Travis Coleman Jr., pastor of First Baptist Church, Prattville, and president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention issued a joint statement March 4: “We affirm all those who seek to restore biblical marriage to its rightful place of sole authenticity and legality in Alabama and elsewhere. In light of Tuesday’s ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court, we reaffirm appreciation for our ministry partner, ALCAP, and its strong stand for biblical marriage. We continue to pray for local, state and federal officials — in all three branches of government — who will make decisions in the months to come about this issue. We continue to pray that any actions and rulings will affirm biblical marriage as the only legally sanctioned form.”


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3 Responses to Breaking news — Same-sex ‘marriage’ licenses violate state constitution, Alabama Supreme Court says  

  1. Let’s keep praying and fighting for the rights of Marriage.And praise the Lord

  2. Let me clarify marriage as a one man and one woman

  3. Audrey says:

    Thank God for listening to the prayer of his people.

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