Update on motions presented during SBC

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jennifer Davis Rash) — A motion requesting commendation of the recently released report on the SBC’s progress on racial reconciliation will be considered by messengers at 2:30 p.m. today. The motion was made by Alan Cross, messenger from and pastor of Gateway Baptist Church, Montgomery. All other motions were either referred to an entity or ruled out of order. Those referred will be reported back to messengers at the 2016 SBC annual meeting.

Referred to the Executive Committee:

• Motion by Ben Chandler, messenger from FBC Ashville and director of missions for St. Clair Baptist Association, that requested “the SBC Executive Committee and all SBC entities be asked to pursue — in a lovingly aggressive and passionately courageous manner — a stand for the truth and lead the way to repair the moral fabric of America by all means possible.”

•Motion by Leroy Cole, messenger from Bethany Baptist Church, Andalusia, that requested a shuttle service be available to messengers during SBC annual meetings.

•Motion that the SBC Bylaws be changed in section 10.3 to require that, for each nominee for convention office, the percentage of the church budget given through CP be included in the nomination speech. (Steve Bailey, of Arkansas, presented this motion and requested the convention deal with the motion immediately rather than refer it, but convention messengers voted to refer rather than debate and vote on the motion this morning.)

•Motion that Bylaw 10 be amended to let messengers hear publicly from each nominee for convention office at the time of their nomination.

Referred to LifeWay Christian Resources:

•That the SBC establish a men’s ministry program to help churches and associations establish men’s ministries.

Ruled out of order:

•That NAMB, IMB and LifeWay work together to determine the best way to financially support Southern Baptist campus ministry leaders on college campuses. (Reason: motion may make a request to directors of entities but it cannot direct the directors on the work of the entity.)

•That Southern Baptists boycott Zondervan and Thomas Nelson because they are owned by Harper Collins, which also publishes immoral literature. (Reason: wording was in nature of a resolution but not properly submitted to resolutions committee.) •That the SBC ask Floyd to partner with the Family Research Council in praying for revival. (Reason: outside SBC’s authority.) •That the convention ask Ronnie Floyd to run for U.S. president in 2016 to help lead America to the next Great Awakening. (Reason: outside scope of SBC’s role.)

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