World Changers hit Birmingham

IMG_5281 web editStudents from around the United States have converged on Birmingham to show the love of Christ through World Changers, a week-long construction missions outreach for youth and college students.

The World Changers approach involves helping participants grow in the gospel and develop a missions-minded lifestyle. The Alabama Baptist met up with a group of approximately 20 students from Georgia, Washington, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland and Virginia who were working on painting and deck construction projects at an East Brownsville home in Birmingham.

The construction projects are just a way to open a door, according to Morgan Hope, a student from Southside Baptist Church, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“Offering them something they need meets a physical need and leads to meeting a spiritual need, too,” she said.

The projects this week were set up by Metro Changers, a local nonprofit ministry associated with the Birmingham Baptist Association. In total, during three weeks of World Changers projects this summer, more than 100 individuals were helped by 614 participants on 56 projects in the area. More than 44 local churches, one Birmingham neighborhood association and more than 100 volunteers served the teams lunch each day.

Jay Murphy, of Staunton, Virginia, who served as the East Brownsville site’s group leader, described World Changers as “an immersion in Jesus.”

Logan Chappell, also a student from Southside Baptist, agreed and is a big fan of the format of the trip.

“I’ve always told people they should experience [World Changers]. I’d rather do this than something like camp. You get to share the gospel with people who have never heard it, and then at night you get to worship. It’s Jesus all week.”

Look for the full story in an upcoming issue of TAB.

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