Christian-owned pharmacy ordered to sell morning-after pill

OLYMPIA, Wash. (WORLD) — A Washington appeals court ruled July 23 that Ralph’s Thriftway pharmacy in Olympia must sell morning-after pills, a ruling which violates the owners’ Christian faith.

Kevin Stormans, one of the owners, previously refused to sell Plan B or Ella morning-after pills because he believes life begins at fertilization, WORLD Magazine reported. His pharmacy’s policy was to refer patients seeking such drugs to 1 of 30 other pharmacies within 5 miles.

However, the appeals court judges wrote that referral to another pharmacy for morning-after pills “could lead to feeling of shame in the patient that could dissuade her from obtaining emergency contraception altogether.”

The appeals court ruling reversed a federal district court ruling that said the Washington State Board of Pharmacy’s 2007 mandate — that pharmacies must distribute all FDA-approved drugs regardless of religious beliefs — “unfairly targeted religious pharmacy owners and workers,” according to WORLD Magazine.

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