Alabama Supreme Court urged to oppose SCOTUS marriage ruling

Alabama Judicial Building in Montgomery

Alabama Judicial Building in Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (Sanctity of Marriage Alabama, TAB) — Sanctity of Marriage Alabama, a grassroots organization based in Montgomery, urged the Alabama Supreme Court on July 28 to uphold their March 3 order that halted same-sex “marriage” in Alabama.

On July 6, Liberty Counsel, Alabama Policy Institute and Alabama Citizens Action Program submitted a brief to the Supreme Court of Alabama saying Obergefell v. Hodges assaults the rule of law, democracy and natural law. They asked the court to comment on how Obergefell will affect Alabama law considering the Supreme Court of Alabama’s writ of mandamus order that soundly defended marriage between one man and one woman.

Tom Ford, a spokesperson for Sanctity of Marriage Alabama said, “We expect that the Supreme Court of Alabama will uphold their previous order — once again championing marriage and the rule of law in Alabama.”

Former Alabama Baptist State Convention President John Killian said that great social upheaval will result if Obergefell goes unchallenged and urged the Supreme Court of Alabama to “stand with the four dissenters on the United States Supreme Court.”

John Eastman, professor of law at Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law in Orange, California, said, “The Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell mandating same-sex ‘marriage’ throughout the nation is not only wrong, but illegitimate. The oath that elected officials take is to the Constitution, not to the Supreme Court.”

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