Could ‘Woodlawn’ be ‘catalyst’ to awakening?

Woodlawn_OfficialPoster CMYKDALLAS (BP) — “Woodlawn,” a movie about overcoming racial division through faith in Christ, could contribute to “the next spiritual awakening in the United States,” Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd said during a simulcast to promote the film.

Floyd, pastor of Cross Church in northwest Arkansas, compared the potential effects of Woodlawn, which opens nationwide today, to the Jesus Movement of the 1960s and 1970s.

“Tonight is more than just simply about a movie. Tonight is about a movement. A movement toward us seeing the next spiritual awakening in the United States,” Floyd said Oct. 14 at the Unify simulcast broadcast from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. “We pray that tonight will become the catalyst over the next several weeks to the next great Jesus Revolution in America.”

“Woodlawn,” which recounts the true story of spiritual awakening at a 1970s high school torn by racial tension in Birmingham is produced and directed by Jon and Andy Erwin.

The Erwin Brothers say their purpose in releasing “Woodlawn” is to harness the power of the digital age to spread the gospel.

International Mission Board President David Platt said in a video aired at the simulcast, “I praise God for His grace and Jon and Andy Erwin, as I had the joy of pastoring these brothers and their families at the Church at Brook Hills [in Birmingham] and seeing their desire to use film and the gifts that God has so evidently given them and others to get the gospel around the world.”

Platt said movie theaters in cities across the globe where missionaries are not welcome represent “avenues that are there for the spread of the gospel to the nations.”

“Woodlawn,” Platt said, is helping to “maximize those avenues toward the end that the gospel would be more accessible to millions upon millions of people and God would be glorified among more and more peoples.”

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