One of those God moments

Members of Gardendale First Baptist Church are used to hearing stories about how the cross in front of their church impacts drivers on I-65 between the Fieldstown Road and Mount Olive exits north of Birmingham. And no matter how many years go by, the stories keep coming. The most recent story was sent to the church by a weary driver:

FinalCanvas“I want to let you know how powerful and meaningful the large cross you have on your property was to me tonight. (I was) driving home to Huntsville after a very difficult, physically and emotionally draining week. In an effort to try to generate some relief back into my spirits, I turned on the radio and found a station playing the old familiar hymn, ‘It Is Well With My Soul.’

Just as I was beginning to feel slightly better and started to hum along, I rounded a curve in the road and was instantly struck by the most majestic, beautiful sight I have ever seen. This bright illuminating cross filled the night sky and the way the road curves right there, I was literally driving straight towards it with the sounds of heaven’s crescendo in my ears. With the week I’ve had, I couldn’t have timed that moment more perfectly if I tried! What a sight and sensation — a moment I will not forget.

Thank you for having a vision for such a time as this for weary travelers. I love it when God knows exactly what we need at just the right time. I hope that cross will remain right there for as long as time exists.

It is well, indeed…”

Moments like these — when God uses something most of us just pass by without a second look for His glory — occur when we take the time to dwell on God throughout our day. Have you had a “God moment” recently? Share with us by emailing or leave a comment below.

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