Alabama lottery bill ‘on the fast track’

BIRMINGHAM (TAB) — Legislation promoting a state-sponsored lottery seems to be “on the fast track,” according to Joe Godfrey, executive director of Alabama Citizens Action Program.

Rep. Alan Harper, R-Northport, is sponsoring House Bill (HB) 13, which calls for a constitutional amendment allowing lottery gambling in Alabama. Its companion bill is Senate Bill (SB) 19, sponsored by Sen. Jim McLendon, R-Springville.

HB 13 is currently in the House of Representatives Committee on Economic Development and Tourism and will be voted on by committee members following a Feb. 10 public hearing at 1 p.m. in room 410 of the State House. SB 19 is in the Committee on Tourism and Marketing.

“I am asking anyone interested in speaking against HB 13 to come to Montgomery one hour prior to the start of the meeting to register,” Godfrey said. “If you do not want to speak please come to show your opposition to this bill.”

And for those who can’t come to Montgomery, Godfrey said it is urgent to contact the senators and representatives. “If we don’t stop the legislation now, there will be a bill passed to allow a statewide vote on a lottery and the churches are going to have to fund the fight.”

Ask about the details of the bill and find out if casino gambling could be added to the law later without a vote of the people if the bill were to pass, Godfrey noted. He also suggested researching how taxes in Illinois and California continue to be raised because of those states having lotteries.

For more information on the legislation and/or to find resources for the fight against expanding gambling efforts in Alabama, visit or

To contact your legislator, visit

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