WMU Foundation extends aid to Syrian refugee relief efforts

BIRMINGHAM (Maggie Walsh) — “This is the worst humanitarian disaster of our day,” Ruba Abbassi said of the Syrian refugee crisis to the Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) Foundation on Feb. 29. “But had they remained in Syria, they would not be hearing the gospel. Now they have the opportunity to learn about Christ.”

Ruba Abbassi

Ruba Abbassi, executive director of Arab Women Today, was presented a grant by the WMU Foundation to help Syrian refugees.

Abbassi, founder and executive director of Arab Women Today (AWT), was presented a grant totaling $18,500 from the WMU Foundation to purchase blankets and food for Syrian refugees living in Jordan. Based in Jordan, AWT seeks to reach the Muslim world for Christ.

“We are helping refugees with humanitarian aid, but we’re also counseling them on dealing with grief and trauma, helping children who’ve been in armed conflict and helping them to survive,” she said.

AWT also focuses their efforts on building up and empowering Arab women.

“We are helping women understand that they are valued and precious in God’s eyes,” Abbassi said. “They’ve never in their lives heard that before.”

The Alabama Baptist Editor Bob Terry recently asked readers, “Are you helping refugees?”

“[A study conducted by LifeWay Research] found 86 percent of pastors believed Christians should ‘care sacrificially for refugees and foreigners’ but only 19 percent reported giving money to relief organizations or praying for refugees,” Terry said, noting that an estimated 1.4 million refugees are living in tent camps in Jordan.

The disconnect between knowing we should care for refugees and actually caring for refugees is widespread, but it doesn’t have to be.

So what are you doing to help refugees?

To learn more about how to give to missions, go to wmufoundation.com.

To learn more about AWT, go to awtministries.com.

To read the full editorial by Terry, go to thealabamabaptist.org.

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