Combining IMB, NAMB among first set of motions made at SBC business meeting

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (Jennifer Davis Rash) — Messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, made 14 motions during the first time allotted for introducing motions this afternoon. The next opportunity for introducing motions will take place in about 30 minutes.

The motions are below as reported on the SBC live blog:

  • That the SBC combine the work of the International and North American Mission Boards into one world mission board with North America as one of its regions.
  • That the Committee on Order of Business for 2017 be advised to allot more than 1 hour and 14 minutes for NAMB and the IMB to deliver their reports and presentations.
  • That messengers ask trustees of all SBC entities to examine their media policies and consider opening trustee meetings to news media.
  • That SBC presidents be encouraged to write their memoirs with LifeWay’s aid.
  • That the SBC amend Article 3 of the SBC Constitution to deem churches that “affirm, approve or endorse racial discrimination” not in friendly cooperation with the convention.
  • That the SBC amend Article 3 of the SBC Constitution to require cooperating churches to also cooperate with “a state convention and a local association.”
  • That the Executive Committee amend SBC Bylaws 18 and 30 to grant representation on the EC, Committee on Committees and Committee on Nominations to areas not currently represented.
  • That all Southern Baptist officials or officers who support Muslims’ right to build mosques in U.S. be “immediately removed from their positions” in the SBC.
  • That LifeWay consider developing and deploying resources and materials to help churches respond missionally to refugees.
  • That SBC Bylaw 10C be amended to require that nomination speeches for SBC officers include the percentage of undesignated receipts given through the Cooperative Program by each nominee’s church.
  • That the Executive Committee review the BF&M Article 4 concerning definition of faith.
  • That the SBC “withdraw its appearance” as a signatory of the amicus brief in the federal lawsuit involving the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge, N.J.
  • That NAMB, the IMB and LifeWay study the possibility of cooperating or working separately to fund campus ministries and/or campus ministers, particularly in underserved areas.
  • That each seminary consider offering programs and courses on biblically faithful strategies of ministry and evangelism toward refugees.

None of the motions were made by Alabama Baptist messengers.

Motions will be reviewed and either presented to messengers for debate and a vote or referred to the appropriate committee, board or entity to address.

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