‘Religious freedom for all’ among 8 final motions made by SBC messengers

St. Louis, Mo. (Jennifer Davis Rash) — Eight motions made by messengers in final opportunity to propose motions during this year’s SBC annual meeting.

They are as reported by the SBC live blog:

•That the SBC reaffirm Article XII of the Baptist Faith and Message on religious freedom for all, which includes “the right of every religious group” to establish places of worship.

•That the Executive Committee and the North American Mission Board trustees call for an “independent, outside review” of alleged “strong-arming of state conventions” by NAMB, particularly the Baptist Convention of Maryland-Delaware.

•That a committee be appointed to pray and fast for godly living among leaders and advocate teaching about godly living in Southern Baptist publications.

•That the Executive Committee study the possibility of the SBC affiliating with the National Association of Evangelicals.

•That the Executive Committee consider amending Bylaw 15 to require all amendments to the Committee on Nominations report within 45 days of annual meeting be published no later than seven days before the annual meeting.

•That the Executive Committee appoint a study group to consider giving the camps and conference centers of state conventions a one-time payment from CP funds to develop endowments or properties to improve evangelism and discipleship ministries.

•That a committee be appointed to research effectiveness of partnerships between governments and SBC compassion ministries.

•That the Executive Committee consider asking messengers to indicate their military service during online SBC annual meeting messenger registration and indicate that service on annual meeting name badges.

None of the motions were made by Alabama Baptist messengers.

Motions will be reviewed and either presented to messengers for debate and a vote or referred to the appropriate committee, board or entity to address.


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