What Alabamians have to say about a lottery

BIRMINGHAM (TAB) — Alabamians have less than 24 hours to decide where they really stand on the issue of the lottery so they can contact their representative and have a heart-to-heart conversation. To contact your representative before the Tuesday afternoon session of the House of Representatives, go to capwiz.com.


Katherine Green Robertson

“To put it simply, the spenders have a want, but they’ve done a good job convincing the people that it’s a need. … Make no mistake, the lottery is a tax — a hidden tax, disguised as entertainment, and supplied through a state-run monopoly — and it will almost assuredly lead to more taxes as politicians are further enabled to avoid the kinds of tough decisions that they were elected to make.”
Katherine Green Robertson, vice president of  Alabama Policy Institute (API)

“When selling the public on the ideal of a lottery, proponents always provide a high estimate of the amount of money that will be raised for the state treasury. Governor Bentley says that he expects a lottery to bring in $250 to $300 million. But, that is nothing but pie in the sky. … Governor Bentley says they have cut all that they can cut, but having served in the Alabama Senate for 8 years and also served 5 years as the Chief Economic Advisor to the Governor in the 1990’s, I can tell you there is much more that can be cut without seriously jeopardizing the welfare of our citizens.”
— Bill Armistead, immediate past chairman of the Alabama Republican Party and former senator, in an op-ed for al.com


Terrell Kennedy

“It’s unbelievable to me that many of our politicians, many of them who … grew up just like I did and now they have the power to make great decisions for our people and this is what they’re offering?”
— Terrell Kennedy, former financial insurance advisor and founder and director of Fit for Life, an after-school tutoring program for adolescent men in Birmingham

“The politicians will always find out a way to spend whatever money they have and put it to whatever purposes they want it to. Gambling hurts more people than it does benefitting the few who win.”
— Jim Lowe, pastor of Guiding Light Church and executive committee member of Gatekeepers Association of Alabama

Attorney General Luther Strange RGB

Luther Strange

“I am personally opposed to any lottery to fund state government. I believe the lottery is, at best, a Band-Aid on the state’s budgetary problems and will not provide the kind of long-term solution we need.”
— Luther Strange, attorney general of Alabama

“My question is, why the push for gambling in Alabama? The House of Representatives passed a bill that will fund Medicaid and pay off most of Alabama’s debt, while providing a fair amount of money for infrastructure needs in the two counties most impacted by the BP Oil Spill (Baldwin and Mobile counties). Gambling will have a long-term negative impact on Alabama’s already fragile economy.”
— Joe Godfrey, executive director of Alabama Citizen’s Action Program


Rick Burgess

“It doesn’t matter if the money comes from tax revenue, it doesn’t matter if the money comes from a lottery, if they mismanage the money they’ve got now they’re just going to mismanage that as well.”
— Rick Burgess, bestselling author and cohost of “Rick & Bubba Show”

“Alabama — the funds are there. Legislators, servants of the people, please act upon the political will and courage you say you have, we believe you have and we’re praying you have. Steward the hard-earned tax dollars you already have. Don’t believe the lie that a lottery is the only way.”
— Jody Trautwein, president and founder of Joshua Generation and executive committee member of Gatekeepers Association of Alabama

“Passing a lottery during this special session will not have any impact on the current $85 million Medicaid shortfall in next year’s budget. The administration will still have to find ways to cut Medicaid expenses or find money for next year’s shortfall in time for the Oct. 1 start of the fiscal year.”
— Jim Zeigler, state auditor for Alabama

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