Together: Rob Jackson


MONTGOMERY (Maggie Walsh) — “Big oaks from little acorns grow,” said Rob Jackson, pastor of Central Baptist Church, Decatur, during the Alabama Baptist Pastors Conference.

This is true here on earth and in the spiritual things, he said, drawing from Galatians 6:6–8 where Paul reminds readers that “a man reaps what he sows” (v. 7).

“Do not be deceived or led astray — big oaks from little acorns of the flesh will grow. If we allow our minds to be filled with stinking thinking, we’re going to reap stinking thinking, but to an even greater extent.


Rob Jackson

“Don’t be deceived by our little compromises,” he warned. “Those little bitty compromises — big oaks grow where we aren’t totally honest. Stand on the truth of God and do not be moved.”

While this is true for all believers it’s a vital truth to remember as pastors, Jackson said, emphasizing three areas where pastors must be diligent in sowing seeds. Pastors must plant seeds of faith, disciple-making and unity, standing on the Word of God to guide and lead their congregants.

“Every one of us must work together. We must be faithful in doing good,” Jackson said, especially in the small things.

“Make a choice today to stand upright for Jesus Christ. … We need to be sowing the Spirit. We’ve got to start saying, ‘God I’m going to look to You.’ God is impressed when we want to be men and women of faith.”

After all, “big oaks from little acorns grow.”

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