Together: Kevin Wilburn


MONTGOMERY (Neisha Roberts) — Preaching from Genesis 22, Kevin Wilburn emphasized how Abraham and Isaac walked together up Mount Moriah, and walked back down together.

Wilburn, vice president of advancement at the University of Mobile, noted how Abraham and his only son “walked together” but only “after these things” took place.

“That makes you and I ask, ‘What are these things?’ In ministry you know things will happen,” Wilburn said. “Abraham had experienced some things. He had a new name. His wife had a new name. He experienced relocation, sorrow, deception and failure.”

Abraham most certainly had a vision for how he thought things would turn out in his life. In a similar way, “sometimes we have a great vision for the church we are serving.”


Kevin Wilburn

But as seen in verse 10, Abraham took the knife with him that he would use to sacrifice his son. He was serious about following God’s plan, and not his own vision.

“Is it possible that the vision in your life has become more important than the God that put the vision in you?” Wilburn asked participants.

With God working His good and acceptable plan in and through our lives, Wilburn said, “we better be ready to walk up the mountain with what we value most. … Because testing is going to come. And Alabama Baptists you better walk together. God is not going to bless disunity.

“We must express obedience to God’s way which is not always easy and straight. … When we put our faith in God’s plan and express obedience to God’s way we better be ready to sacrifice,” Wilburn said.

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