Samford’s Ministry Training Institute offers digital, social media course

Facebook, Twitter, website, blog—you’ve got them all covered, so your digital strategy is well in hand, right?

a18fc01d45dce068a5d47fb44e2f36bfMaybe and maybe not.

Are you getting consistent new visitors to your homepage? Are your social media profiles consistent in voice and appearance? Are you effectively using graphics to draw attention to your posts and events?

With so many digital options available, it can be challenging to get your message heard through all the online noise. However, a unified digital strategy is one of the most important tools you have to reach your audience, and the options are changing every day.

The Digital and Social Media course in the Online Communication Certificate program of Samford’s Ministry Training Institute (MTI) is designed especially for ministry professionals who want to gain valuable skills in the latest media tools. Pastors, staff members, lay leaders, authors, aspiring writers and speakers—all have a message. The Digital and Social Media course provides practical tips and strategies to help them develop a platform to share it.

The 8-week course will explore social media tools, graphic design apps and other digital platforms from two important perspectives — the content creator and the target audience. Lessons will explore personality types, generational differences and learning preferences and how these characteristics affect communication. Learners will leave the course with new skills and a social media action plan ready to implement immediately.

There are many courses online that explain social media and other digital tools, so why choose an Online Certificate Course with Samford MTI? The difference is personalized instruction. The Digital and Social Media course, like all the courses in the Online Communication Certificate sequence, is led by an instructor who is always available to answer questions and provide feedback on assignments. Small class sizes ensure engagement between students and the instructor throughout the course, which means a more productive learning experience.

Backed by the reputation of Samford University and MTI, those who finish the class will have valuable skills to apply in all areas of their online lives. Registration is open now at Classes begin on Jan. 24. Register today and take the first step toward a more effective online ministry strategy.

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