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To celebrate its 175 years of continuous service, The Alabama Baptist will host a 175th birthday party on February 6, 2018, in Marion, Alabama, where the publication began in 1843. Today the publication is headquartered in Homewood.

The celebration will be hosted by Judson College in Marion and will include tours of historic sites related to Baptists, presentations by the authors of the upcoming book “The Alabama Baptist: Celebrating 175 Years” that chronicles the story of the publication, a visit to the publication’s founding site, a worship time with Judson students featuring editor-elect Jennifer Rash, a thanksgiving prayer, and a birthday party with cake and punch, and a sit-down lunch. The activities begin at 9:00 a.m. with historic tours with other activities following at 10:45.

The event is open to the public.

“Few, if any, newspapers in Alabama have served their community continuously for 175 years,” said Bobby S. (Bob) Terry, editor of The Alabama Baptist. “But that is the legacy of The Alabama Baptist.” He explained that the publication has always been a subscription-based ministry directed at members of Baptist churches in the state.

The building in which The Alabama Baptist was first published on February 4, 1843 still stands and is now located on the Judson College campus, which predates the publication by five years, having begun in 1838.

The day will make an ideal outing for bible study groups, Sunday School groups, senior adult groups, and WMU groups. This day of celebration will be fascinating to anyone interested in history, and especially attractive to Alabama Baptists.

The cost for the day is $15 in advance which includes the tours, the program, lunch and a $5 discount coupon on the new book. Registration on the day of the event will be $20.

To register or for additional information contact 1-800-803-5201 or


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State Baptist newspaper serving Baptists in Alabama, providing information, inspiration and interpretation as well as challenging readers to serve and find opportunities for ministry that further the kingdom of God.
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