Thank you!

We want to take a moment and say thank you to everyone who came to Marion to celebrate our 175th birthday with us! The day was a huge success and it couldn’t have happened without the support of our readers.

We also want to personally thank Judson College and Siloam Baptist Church for partnering with us and helping the birthday party run smoothly.

Special thanks as well to Reverie and the Marion Military Institute for opening up their facilities for our special day.

To anyone who didn’t make it, we missed you dearly and we hope you will choose to celebrate this occasion by purchasing our new book “The Alabama Baptist: Celebrating 175 Years of Informing, Inspiring and Connecting Baptists” or by attending the symposium at Samford University on March 2nd.

Celebrating our history and future

At the birthday party, the newspaper’s editor-elect Jennifer Rash spoke on the legacy of Julia Tarrant Barron, the lone woman among the founders of The Alabama Baptist. Barron played an instrumental role in starting The Alabama Baptist, as well as in founding Judson College and Howard College, now Samford University. Just as Barron remained faithful to the mission of the church throughout her life, Rash encouraged everyone to remain faithful in their lives and walks with Christ.

The authors of the book, Elizabeth Wells and Grace Thornton, each gave historical presentations on the history of The Alabama Baptist and the editors that have led the paper to where it is today. All of the editors have faced struggles, but each of them have overcome those struggles and remained committed to the paper.

It is to the founders of The Alabama Baptist, the many editors of the paper, the numerous staff members and boards of directors who have contributed to the paper throughout the years, and of course, the readers, that we owe all these years of success. We hope our 175th year is our best one yet and that there are many more years of service to come.


Editor-elect Jennifer Rash shares about Julia Tarrant Barron and her unyielding faithfulness. The Alabama Baptist file photo


Retired Samford University archivist Elizabeth Wells describes the important role that Marion had in the founding and success of The Alabama Baptist. The Alabama Baptist file photo


Author and award-winning journalist Grace Thornton details the lives and struggles of the latest four editors of The Alabama Baptist: L. L. Gwaltney, Leon Macon, Hudson Baggett and Bobby S. Terry.  The Alabama Baptist file photo




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State Baptist newspaper serving Baptists in Alabama, providing information, inspiration and interpretation as well as challenging readers to serve and find opportunities for ministry that further the kingdom of God.
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